Private Yoga Classes

in Berlin & Potsdam

At your home or in your office


For those of you who prefer to practice in their familiar environment or right after work in their office, I offer private yoga classes


*anamnesis inclusive*

*individual classes*

*up to 4 persons*

*equipment is provided*

*no travel expenses*


60 min. 60 €

90 min. 90 €



Have you always dreamt of mastering Hanumanasana (splits), Sirsasana (headstand), Kakasana (Crane Pose) or similar? 


I am happy to create a special schedule for 5 or 10 classes to bring you closer to your individual goal.

Please contact me and let your dreams come true!


5 x 90 min. - 400 €

10 x 90 min. - 800 €


Great gift idea for friends and family!

Payment Methods

You can pay in cash or via PayPal.